Facilitation, Performance, and Events

Movement is meaningful.

A seasoned speaker, performer, choreographer, and facilitator, Matthew can bring physical consciousness to your event or organization. Motivational, inspiring, and uniquely skilled in weaving movement with meaning, Matthew can facilitate collaboration, communication, and creativity in community.

Offering movement in community:


Matthew facilitates meaningful embodied experiences. Favorite topics include physical boundaries and consent, contact improvisation, and the building of ecstatic consciousness through physicality.  Matthew can help your group build the empathy and personal boundaries that underlie deep embodied creativity through workshops specifically tailored to your organizational interests. 


Matthew has a unique voice as a performer.  He breaks down traditional boundaries between performer and audience, dance and lecture, aesthetics and function, and in doing so invites you to find your own embodied voice.  He has performed on international stages, in public spaces, at conferences, and in community circles.  Dance is a means of connection.


Matthew teaches skills for having and being a body.  Having taught dance in universities, Matthew is a master teacher of Dance Improvisation, Contemporary Dance Technique, Contact Improvisation, Choreography, Somatics, Yoga, Pilates, and above all, the many spaces in between these forms.  See the calendar for classes and retreats.  See Physical Freedom Method for online offerings!



Choreography is the design of space, time, and energy for aesthetic purposes.  Matthew has choreographed for the stage and the screen.  Matthew focuses on experiential inquiry, treating performances as lab reports.  In Resilient, Receptive, the work displayed here, the focus was developing a movement vocabulary emphasizing biotensegrity–the physics created by the connective tissue network.  

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