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Let us Help You Transform

Relieve Pain

Pain is a message from your body that something needs to change. We can transform how you move, building space in your joints, bringing strength and mobility to your tissues, and calming nerves. We’ll also teach you how to help yourself using your own “magic” hands, your own movements, and the mindful presence of your awareness. 

Heal From Injuries

Injuries just happen. We will examine why your particular injury happened so that it becomes an opportunity for growth. We will mobilize scar tissue to maximize its supportive potential without limitation. We will tune your strength, balance, and alignment so that you can start doing the things you love again as soon as possible. In short, we’ll work to make sure you feel whole again.

Move Beyond Trauma

Bodies move and feel:  The connection between motion and emotion is grounded in our tissues.  When trauma tells us we aren’t safe we can address the body to re-discover our freedom.  We will honor your boundaries and sensitivities as we help you to literally shake off fear, stand in your power, and move into new possibilities.

Enhance Performance

You are a finely tuned living system with tremendous capabilities.  Together we can apply your focus and control, and also perceive where your strength, range-of-motion, balance, and endurance break down.  We will build your movement intelligence, integrating greater efficiency, diversity, and resilience with all that you’re already doing right.

Avoid Surgery

You are not a machine:  Replacement parts do not work as well as originals.  You can reform and revitalize your tissues—even your bones—by how you move.  Surgery can sometimes help, but it is also dangerous and expensive business that takes tremendous work to recover from.  Lets do the work to discover what is possible with the body you have!  If you do need surgery in the end, our work now will help you recover more fully later.

Find Freedom & Flow

Freedom is a feeling of infinite possibility.  Flow is a connected ongoing quality that engages relationship.  With mindful attention, we will help you find and practice free flow in your movements and relationships.  We can help you move through your daily life as a dance, thinking clearly, being creative, communicating openly, and connecting to the stream of vitality that is your birthright.

We Facilitate the Change You Already Are

  • Flow Patterning Sessions Transformative Massage, Pilates, & Movement Therapy

    The flow of water forms canyons over time, and rivers are guided in their flow by the walls of canyons. Similarly our movements both create and are created by our bodies. Flow patterning sessions transform your body and your movement through a customized integration of Transformative Massage, Pilates, and Somatic Movement Therapy.


  • Physical Freedom Method Online Curriculum

    We bring awareness and intention to our movements with a goal of increasing our connectedness, vitality, and full expression as living beings. With readings, lectures, movement meditations, and flow exercises, Physical Freedom Method is like a users manual for having, and being, a body. Relieve pain, increase performance, and get out of your head: The experiential lessons of Physical Freedom Method will bring you the awareness you need to feel more at home in your body.


  • Facilitation and Performance Live Events

    Movement has meaning. A seasoned speaker, performer, and group leader, Matthew can bring fresh consciousness to your event or organization. Motivational, inspiring, and uniquely skilled in weaving movement with ideas, Matthew can help you facilitate collaboration and increase creativity.

What others have to say about Matthew

  • Thank you Matthew Nelson... For guiding my awareness to the spaces between my bones... I will be forever grateful.

    I see how you tempted me to inhabit those places & trace their edges with my fingers. My body is resilient beyond my wildest imaginings ..I can move with ease and potent efficiency. How strange. ++++++++++ I just finished his six week seminar and I’m grateful I took that leap. His work is something special. If you inhabit a body that moves through space, I recommend investigating his offerings.
    Brooke Would
    Brooke Would DJ
  • In my first session with Matthew's Physical Freedom Method I experienced a huge unexpected release, and each subsequent session (comprised mainly of guided, exploratory floor work) led to great breakthroughs of healing and deepened awareness.  His thoughtful questions and creative, compassionate presence fostered authentic expression, self-acceptance and great relief. Matthew also uses interesting key phrases and colorful concepts throughout the course. I enjoyed learning about “motor sensory amnesia” and discovering subtle ways to “resource my discomfort” and “yield to the support of the floor” and “change my relationship to gravity.” His level of knowledge and expertise is exceptional. I highly recommend this course for anyone who’d like to regain or cultivate a fuller spectrum of capacity through this powerful method of deep listening, movement and awareness. Drawing my experience has been particularly healing as well, and I’m delighted to bring color to this expansive coursework.

    Genevieve Emerson
    Genevieve Emerson Artist
  • Matthew Nelson is a master of moving and observing movement. I feel blown away by the subtlety he can see and feel during our sessions together. I love how he takes what he sees in my movement habits and patterns and turns it into a wonderful session of healing touch, guided movement re-education and deep release. I feel he is so effective at this due to his impeccable communication skills which motivate me to feel and try new things while he is working on me. I feel totally heard and comfortable in his presence. Sessions with Matt are a joy and very transformative.

    Torrey Trover
    Torrey Trover Rolfer, Yoga Instructor
  • Matthew Nelson is a brilliant body worker and educator!  I've had the good fortune to work with him for several years now, and he has helped me celebrate and monitor my body moving through time.  His knowledge of Pilates, Feldenkrais, and Yoga, empirical expertise as a dancer, plus profound hands-on teaching skills, made each of our sessions truly illuminating. Insightful and patient, he is remarkably articulate about unconscious, ingrained movement patterns, and always demonstrates ways to improve physical functioning. As a  professional musician, I particularly value his help in analyzing/improving my piano technique.

    Patrick Lindley
    Patrick Lindley Pianist
  • As someone who partakes in resistance training and has more mass than I'm naturally supposed to I had many limitations when it came to my mobility. Working with Matthew has completely unlocked my shoulders, and given more mobility, flexibility, and range of motion then I ever could have imagined. If that was all I got from working with Matthew I would have been super pleased with just that, BUT learning how to 'yield', surrender, and trust that I am supported by the 'earth' at all times has truly been a life changing learning, that I will continue to carry with me for years to come. I am super grateful for Matthew's amazing blended styles of modalities and look forward to working with him more in the future!

    Seth Kaufmann
    Seth Kaufmann Founder of RebelLion
  • My desk job has been destroying my body. I came to Matthew Nelson in so much pain. I couldn't sit. I couldn't really lay down or sleep comfortably. Matthew's gentle body work did wonders for me. He doesn't have the car mechanic view of the body that most massage therapists or moderately trained professionals have. It's a full-body approach using knowledge he has gleaned from years as a dance professor, bodywork consultant, teacher, therapist and movement guru. I had been trying to solve my problems on my own by pressing into my points of pain. Matthew showed me that it was more systemic. He could trace the pain in my hips to other parts of -- my side, my leg, my back, my neck. And then, using gentle maneuvers, he worked through them with me. Such joy! The relief was almost immediate, though I see now that I'll have to do more to address the wear on my body from this kind of work. I'm inspired, and thankful!

    Emily Grosvenor
    Emily Grosvenor Author
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